Tuesday, April 12, 2011

KingdomCon 50pt lists - fully painted

I promised a fully painted army picture, and I'm delivering twice! First up is the Ashlynn list that I finished just in time for KingdomCon.

Next up is the final list that I have for Hardcore. I'm dropping the Necrosurgeon unit and Madelyn Corbeau because they're just too time consuming to try and deal with. In return, I get 2 more medium bases from Gerlak and my 3rd Brute Thrall.

Finally, here are some closeups of my Anastasia conversion.

I'll nab some pics of my Nyss Hunters after I get rid of the shiny on the original 6.

Anyways, C&C is always welcome


  1. I am confus

    Isn't there just the Softcore tourney this weekend on Saturday? When is the Hardcore tourney?

    You can't run both???? Or Can you?

  2. The tournament is just softcore, but all the cool kids are showing up painted.

  3. lol, yeah, I just feel awkward calling it softcore. Too many other connotations in my head that it goes to :p. That and I just know it's hardcore without painting requirements, which is still a hardcore game type.