Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Photo Dump!!!

So what with all the games and such, I haven't actually taken pics of what I've painted recently. It helps that I painted a lot in the past 2 weeks in order to get fully painted for the 50 pt SR2011 at AGR last weekend. More on that later though.

I ended up getting both my eDenny and eGaspy lists fully painted (of sorts, some things need more details put in), but I only played my eGaspy list. Here's that list, fully painted! (sans Malice's magnetized parts)

Saxon Orrik was one of the models that I needed to finish painting for the tournament, and I'm actually very happy with how he came out. I realize that I need to actually finish his basing (find some sticks, maybe get some leaves or static grass from AGR), but the painting is all done I think.

At the tourney, Micah gave me my birthday present, a pair of W&N Series 7 brushes. Being considerably better than my old brushes, I had to try them out almost immediately. Here's the outcome of that work.

The face needs more work, but there's a lot that I'm happy with on this model. I like the way the robes came out (although they could probably stand to have brighter highlights), the corroded brass on the banister, that I actually painted an eye (not shown well here), and a pretty good attempt for my first attempt at waves and water.

Lastly, here is the rest of the stuff that I've painted recently, but haven't documented.

Satyxis Raiders, Sea Witch, & Captain

The ever popular Cephalyx Drudges!

And since I had the lightbox set up, I wanted to take a better pic of some other casters that I have painted.

Next up, Ashlynn, Cephalyx Overlords, & Boomhowler & Co.

C&C always welcome.

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