Friday, February 11, 2011

Dougal McNaile wip

Using Mercs with ranged weapons (Nyss & other Highborn Contract), it's easy to see how awesome Douglas McNaile is. I just got him 2 nights ago. He's a nice easy one piece model. I haven't really thought of any good conversion for him, but I do have a good idea for the base. I really liked the water effects that I used on my eSkarre base, so I wanted to make use of them again.

For water to actually work, I needed some kind of ship base. Yaaay Starbuck's!

On the edge beyond the railing, I'll have a small amount of water effects. Anyways, more to come after it's all painted.


  1. Awesome. I used the same Starbucks stirrers to make trench boards for my Trencher unit. Cheap as free!

  2. Well, does come with the price of a cup of coffee. I've tried using popsicle sticks, but they're just too large for the scale. I ended up having to cut them up and shape them too much. The coffee stirrers are just the right scale to make them work. :)