Monday, December 6, 2010

More painted Merc goodness!

In prep for running Mercs this weekend down in Temecula, I did a bit of painting work on some models this weekend. For the tourney, I'm borrowing Ashlynn, ATGM, a Mule, and either a Nomad or 2 buccaneers for my second list to a Gorten Searforge list. Since my buddy doesn't paint that often, I painted up his Ashlynn. The best part of it is that just by bending the arms at the elbow and putting them in a different position, Ashlynn looks much less awkward (aside from having a giiiiigantic head).

Also, due to the advice of the Merc forums, I'm adding in Rockbottom to my list. If nothing else, he's at least another gun. While I may not get to use his coins & most of his abilities, his rerolls for Thor could be very very helpful.

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