Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I hold this truth to be self evident, that Kromac is a complete and total grade-A badass. There are a lot of characters in the iron kingdoms that I think are cool, interesting, powerful you name it, but no one screams badass to me quite like Kromac. With that said, through some savvy trading I've managed to piece together about 35 points worth of Circle goodness and who better to lead my army than the Warlock that (insert Chuck Norris comment here). In sticking with the Native American theme I added some feathers to Kromac's bone hat to make it more like a headdress. Besides that there wasn't much that needed to be done to make this model say, "I'm a total badass Native American chief."

In other news, I'm painting up Jon's Seamus crew for Malifaux. I got my first game in this weekend and I must say it is a blast. Also I have a 35 point eKreoss list I'd like to get painted, but there are so many delicious projects to be working on.

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  1. just for curiosity, did you pinned the upper side of the umbrellas or are they only glued together with their sticks?