Monday, April 27, 2009

WooHoo... Mk2 updates

Darius—Modify the Fortify spell to prevent Push and Slam effects.
High Reclaimer, Testament of Menoth, and Reclaimer Solo – Change ability wording to allow gathering of souls from models destroyed by continuous effects.
Idrians—Reduce unit point cost to 6 minimum/10 maximum.
Assault Kommandos – Modify the Cumbersome rule to allow Assault & Battery to also function much like the old Fumigate order.
Kovnik Markov—Add an ability to reroll failed command checks for his elite cadre.
Vlad—Alter Wind Wall to affect non-magical ranged attacks instead of all ranged attacks.
Terminus—Add the Pitch rule to the Scything Claw and change the target restriction of Ravager from a friendly warjack to a model in Terminus’ battlegroup.
Defiler—Change RNG 10 to RNG SP.
Nightwretch—Add Powerful Attack to the Doomspitte
Hammerfall High Shields—Add the Combined Ranged Attack icon to their stat line.
Press Gangers—Add the Tough icon to their stat line.
While I don't play with Terminus, that looks like quite the entertaining change. The arc node change is what has me excited though. Seeing as how the Defailer and Nightwench were both 5 points to put into a list, but didn't bring much besides their node to the table, I just couldn't see myself fielding either of them over the cheaper deathripper. Now though... I definitely see some advantages that make them worth that extra point. The problem is, now I have to wait until my next game with Micah until I can try them out. Anticipation builds up the moment... or something like that.

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