Friday, April 24, 2009

My First Terrain Piece

So I started on my first terrain piece. My thought was to make a burned out shell of a cabin. So far, I haven't used too many materials. Just popsicle sticks, elmer's white glue, an exacto knife, wirecutters, and my dremel with a sanding attachment.
After cutting the sticks in half and trimming the round endcaps off with my wirecutters, I used the dremel to sand down the hard corners and make each piece look like a rough-hewn log. Shorter strokes are better in this case. You can use a regular hand file, but it takes a lot longer and looks a lot smoother. I'd recommend saving that much effort for something a little nicer looking than a beatup old cabin. To make a wall, just glue the "logs" onto some kind of support. I used a full popsicle stick with the ends trimmed. It's ok if the logs don't match up perfectly because the gaps can be filled in later with plaster or green stuff or whatever you choose to use to make the base of this mobile terrain out of. Here's a pic of the first wall with reference to two small based infantry and a large based warjack (slayer).
Close-up of the same.
More pics to come later...whenever I get around to the next stage.

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