Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Gaspy3 Batreps! Yay Vassal!

yay, 2 more batreps!

First up, a 35 pt quick game against NerevarRising and his pVlad list.

So here are the lists:

My Gaspy3 35 pt list:
Points: 35/35
Asphyxious the Hellbringer (*4pts)
 * Vociferon (0pts)
 * Cankerworm (5pts)
 * Kraken (19pts)
Satyxis Raiders (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
 * Satyxis Raider Sea Witch (2pts)
Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall (1pts)
Satyxis Raider Captain (2pts)
Warwitch Siren (2pts)

NerevarRising’s pVlad 35 pt list:

Points: 35/35
Vladimir, The Dark Prince (*5pts)
* Drago (8pts)
* Spriggan (10pts)
Great Bears of Gallowswood (5pts)
Winter Guard Rifle Corps (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist (2pts)
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (2pts)
Man-o-war Drakhun (with dismount) (5pts)

So we played on the Shattered City2 map, and the scenario rolled was Process of Elimination.  I win the roll, and choose to go first.  I deployed to try and take advantage of the obstacle in the middle, but I probably should have focused my Satyxis more on his jacks in the deployment, and then later in the game.

My turn, top of round 1:
1 focus to the Kraken, and off to the races.  Satyxis Raiders move up, Gaspy casts scything touch on the Kraken, mobility, and moves up to cast Ashen Veil on the Raiders.  The Kraken then runs to be on the front edge of the forest, while vociferon hangs out with him.  The Siren and Scrap Thrall run up the other side, and Canker walks into some rough terrain.   The Captain runs behind the Raiders.

His turn, bottom of round 1:
Vlad activates, casts Blood of Kings, Windwall, and walks forward to toe into the forest.  Drago runs up, and the Spriggan walks in behind him.  Then the Drakhun and Great Bears run up as well.  Riflemen walk up and make a huge covering fire, then Joe toughs them.  Gorman runs up the left flank towards the Cankerworm.

My turn, top of round 2:
Upkeep Ashen Veil, 2 focus to the Kraken and 1 to Canker.  Raider Captain walks up behind the obstacle and gives Desperate Pace to Raiders.  Gaspy walks up and sits on 3, then Canker walks up and boosts his P+S 13 attack and hits, but snake-eyes on damage to leave Gorman at 2.  His bite attack misses the 7, so he just backs off and hopes that Gorman will die.  I get a charge onto Gorman, one Rifleman, Drago and the Drakhun, and the rest run to engage.  I kill one Riflemen and Gorman between the 4 attacks that I have over there, but don’t hurt the Drakhun at all.  The one on Drago gets the crit KD, for 2 damage.  Vociferon runs to hide behind  the obstacle as well, then the Kraken walks up and shoots the big gun at Kolsk (or whoever gives steady), and hits with a boost.  I force a tough on the direct hit dude, which he passes, and boost damage on the other front one (relentless charge?) for no damage at dice-9.  Necrotech runs up and does nothing while the Siren moves up.  The Scrap thrall also runs up the edge.

 His turn, bottom of round 2:
3 Focus to Drago, who shakes the KD.  Vlad feats and casts Blood of Kings before walking over to kill a Satyxis tying up some Riflemen.  He’s Vlad, so can’t really miss, and splats her dead, then casts Windwall with Blood Boon.  I totally forgot he had this! Anyways,  Joe then walks up and tries to shoot a Satyxis, but misses.  Then he yells at the Riflemen to shoot better.  His riflemen then advance, giving me 2 free strikes, who both end up dead.  The rest of his dudes shoot at Satyxis, needing 13’s to hit on 3 dice.  They end up killing 1 Raider and taking the Sea Witch down to 1.  The bears then run/charge at Satyxis, needing 8’s to hit, and kills the 2 of them thanks to backswing.  Spriggan runs around and between the Bears.  He was hoping to bulldoze the Satyxis out of Drago’s way, but couldn’t fit between Drago and the Drakhun.  Drago then kills the Satyxis in the way, and the Drakhun charges the Sea Witch, but misses the 6 to hit!

My turn, top of round 3:
3 focus to the Kraken, 1 to the Canker, and upkeep Ashen Veil.  Easy stuff first, so the Scrap Thrall runs to be as close to the Riflemen as possible.  The Siren then walks up and sprays at him, hitting him and 2 Riflemen and killing all of them.  The exploding Scrap only catches one more Riflemen, but he fails to crack the ARM.  The Satyxis Captain charges Kolsk and kills him, then sprints back behind the obstacle after he fails his tough.  Satyxis pop minifeat and charge the Drakhun, Joe, and some Winterguard.  They kill Joe, 2 Riflemen, and fail to even damage the Drakhun.  Gaspy then casts Scything Touch, forgets to feat, and toes in the forest.  Vociferon then runs up, and the Kraken charges the Spriggan and does 14 damage at dice+1!  He takes his other initial on the Great Bear nearest him and kills him as well to power up to P+S 21.  Then he killshots the other Great Bear in the back, but he toughs this out.  2 more bought swings on the Spriggan deal 5 and 11 damage, leaving it on 4 boxes.  Necrotech runs behind the Kraken.  Cankerworm then runs to maybe get a charge next turn on Vlad.

His turn, bottom of round 3:
3 focus to Drago, and Vlad sits on 4.  Remaining Great Bear forfeits action to stand up and moves to engage Vociferon.  Spriggan then moves out of the charge lanes of Vlad and Drago, and does 3 damage to the Kraken.  Drago then charges for free to deal 8, 5, 4 (chain attack), 7, 8, and 9 damage to the Kraken.  Winterguard charge, and fail to kill any Satyxis.  Vlad casts Blood of Kings, then charges the Kraken and does 8 damage, leaving it with 8 boxes left.  The Drakhun then takes 3 free strikes to walk on over to the Kraken.  2 Crits and 2 damage later and rolls 8 damage exactly to kill the Kraken.  Somebody mentioned in my next game that I’ve been playing the Kraken with 2 extra boxes, so he would have only needed 11’s to kill instead of 13.  Very sad though.  Also sad that I forgot to pop my feat :p.

My turn, top of round 4:
K, well, have to go for the kill because there’s no way I can do it in later turns or win on scenario.  Odds are long to kill a DEF 18 ARM 18 caster, but we’ll see.  So I drop Ashen Veil and keep 7 focus.  Siren walks up and sprays at Riflemen, but Vlad is just out of the template.  Both Riflemen die and the Satyxis are freed up.  Satyxis Captain goes for the crit KD needing 10’s to hit, but crits on 3’s.  Satyxis then walk up behind Vlad, and 2 are in range for a CMA, needing 8’s to hit.  They hit, but no crit or damage.  Cankerworm doubletimes just because.  Gaspy then casts Carnage and Mobility, boosts the attack, but rolls 4 for damage at dice-2.  Then I pop feat and try and minimize the damage.  Vociferon runs to try and block the charge from the great bear, while the necrotech runs up to try and block movement from Vlad forward, but can’t get far enough to close the lane off.

His turn, bottom of round 4:
Vlad casts BoK (1 soul) and walks up to Gaspy.  Turns out, he has parry! Talk about stupid things that he doesn’t need :p.  He hits and boosts damage (2 souls) and rolls 9 damage.  His little sword misses, so he buys another attack (3 souls and heal 1 dmg) and boosts damage (4 souls and heal 3 dmg) for another 9.  Drakhun then goes and hits with his MAT 8 and rolls 5 damage to kill me with one damage to spare.


So I may have been super bitchy about dice during this game, but there were definitely some things that I could have done a lot better.  To start, Satyxis should have been charging his jacks with Scything Touch to deal a bunch of damage to Vlad early, and to tie his dudes up.  Then a mobilitied Kraken could have ripped through all his riflemen.  Another big thing is to not forget my feat on turns that I commit the Kraken.  That was just plain dumb.  Finally, a better last ditch thing would have just been to upkeep Ashen Veil on the Raiders, run them in to engage and give –2 to his living models against a camped/feated Gaspy.  Then I would have been DEF 17 to Vlad’s MAT 10, and ARM 23 to his P+S 16, giving me much better odds of survival.  Anyways, lots of stupid things that could be done better.  Probably most important is not using Satyxis Raiders to their fullest.

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