Thursday, December 8, 2011

SDE Denizens, Round 1

I was able to get some more painting done last night and decided to crank out some denizens. These guys are brutal in the game, as long as you still have your egg clutch on the board I don't know why you would want to spawn kobolds unless you had no denizens left to spawn.

Charmeleon...err I mean a whelp.



My favorite model so far, the egg clutch spawning point

The entirety of my painted SDE set

I'm finding that I can keep to my painting goals fairly well. There were some gaps in the Whelp and the base of the Wyrmling that I would have liked to fill but I told myself this is a board game, get over it and paint them! So far the minis are quick and fun to paint so I don't see myself losing interest any time soon. Queue 3 months of silence about painting SDE...

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  1. My prophecy came true! 3 months later and no progress made on SDE.