Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kayazy Assassins Conversion or Eskimo?

Like many other warmachine players out there, I dislike the Kayazy Assassin sculpts (excluding the Underboss, which is quite boss). To fix it, I ordered some druid & kayazy heads to do a head swap.

I also wanted to try and make them fit with the underboss better, so I figured sculping some fur onto their cloaks and possibly hoods would be better. The lesson I've learned? Furry hoods = eskimos :p Lucky for me I only did the hood fur on one.

Also, the pose on this guy just kills me. I never knew there was such a flamboyant assassin. Anyways, I'll be sure to post more when I've got stuff done.


  1. this might not look bad painted and would fit the winter theme. I like the fur that pButcher has on his coat.

    Did some conversions on my Kayazy too to change it up a bit. Like the hoodies you've done.

  2. Yah, that's what I'm hoping. We'll see I guess. The hoodies are easy though, just the heads from Druids & one of the Croe's Cutthroats.