Thursday, October 22, 2009

DJ rebuild + Lightbox pics

Soooo, the other week I saw a post on the Privateer Press modelling forums that had a couple minor tweaks to the DJ that I really liked. It was done by LichLordBurns, and it basically amounted to getting rid of some of the excessive spikes. (Reference). Anyways, earlier this week, I dropped the DJ into the Simple Green and started my own rebuild. I also did my first painting in pieces after I pinned all the parts that didn't stick together after the Simple Green bath. So I painted most everything in pieces and glued them together. Micah (JollyAngus/Blaurock) found a portable lightbox on ebay for 30 bucks, so I decided that I'd shell out the dough to see what it's like. If nothing else, I could get the two lights and a tripod out of it. Turns out, it's actually very nice. The next step is practice in taking better pics with it. So without further ado, the one and only... Deathjack!

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