Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Productive Saturday

While I should have been at school getting ready for my Orals Examination coming up, I just couldn't focus yesterday morning. The day was not lost though. Once I got back home, I managed to get lots of productive things done. The first of which was finishing the 2nd of my Mcthrall units. I still need to finish the Necrosurgeon as well, but the stitch thralls are done at least.
The only bonus to my going in to the lab on Saturday was walking through the parking lot and noticing all these woodchips... At this point I remembered reading a post on the PPforums about making rocks and modular terrain pieces using original Gorilla Glue and woodchips. So I figured I'd try my hand at it.
The basic idea is that Gorilla (GG)foams up when in contact with water. First, lay down a sheet of wax paper and spread some water on top of it. Then I just start pouring on the GG until it was about the size of the terrain piece that I wanted. The next step is adding in the wood chips (some of which I cut first, some I didn't) in whatever way you think looks good. Some I did standing up, some lying down, etc. Then it's just a matter of sealing the wood with some elmer's glue, putting on some dirt/sand, prime & paint. Only one of them is painted atm. Hopefully I'll have the time to paint them up in better colors.

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