Thursday, May 14, 2009

Greylords Before

Next up on the chopping block for stripping and reassembly...Greylords Ternion.

I ripped these guys off their bases and they're stewing in a vat of greenstuff as we speak. I'll check them tomorrow morning, but I'm pretty sure they're going to be cleaned and ready for the weekend. Party on! As for the bases, I ripped off the cork and glued down some GW dirt which is drying as we speak.

There was nothing wrong with the cork rocks per se, but I really think it's over done. I get a little annoyed when I see armies where every single unit is on cork, or some kind of heigtened base. I mean honestly, does every bodger really need to be standing on a 2 inch pile of skulls? A simple base, with not much added height really accents a clean paint job instead of distracting the eye away from the model itself. Save the cork/elaborate base for showcase pieces like your caster or a particularly awesome character solo or jack and leave it off your rank and file. I do make one exception to this bias for legion. Craggy/snowy bases really fit with the Legion background and complement the faction well, so you generally won't hear me bitching about cork on Legion bases. So all that to say, my Greylords won't be on cork.

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