Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cankerous Bite

So Micah and I had two battles recently. Neither of us took the time to post about them cause... well, we were too busy thinking about playing again. The first recent battle was at his place, our first 500 point game. Grim Angus and his pansy trollbloods versus Deneghra and some bitchin' undead. Needless to say, the cowardly sniper took out the foolish broad who left herself exposed... what does the dirty troll do? Take advantage, of course. So the stupid woman got herself assinated, and she didn't like it in the least, so in their next meeting, she decided to take it to that cocky blue guy. And like a true woman, she got her big buds to do it for her. The cankerworm decided to eat a few trolls for lunch while the undead french kaaaanighits ran over some champs. Good thing there was a heavy dosing of Tartarsauce to liven up that side of the board.
So in summary:
Game 1: Micah assinates me
Game 2: I eat all of Micah's trollbloods.
And there was much rejoicing. Enjoy a few pics.

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  1. For the record Grim is an albino, so you took it to that cocky blueish-white guy. And took it you did. I thoroughly enjoyed getting annihilated in front of all of the snotnosed D&D kids.