Friday, January 16, 2009

Foresty Stuff

Here are some older pics of Eiryss (who was a part of the Khador force I've sworn off) and my wife's Circle Orboros models (which she named after characters from Twilight, and I commandeered to paint).

Eiryss Before

Eiryss After

Kaya Before

Kaya After



Circle Warpack

A bit of an argument.


  1. Love the lower jaw on the Warpwolf. How'd you achieve that two-tone effect? Without a clear defining line, say on a warjack body, I'm worried the line will be too stark!

    Good work, btw!

  2. Hey, glad you like it. If you look at pictures of dogs or wolves their fur changes color fairly abruptly. Having a photo as a reference will probably help you out a lot. I painted the russet/brown color first and then feathered the greyish/white up from the chin and lip towards the head. So I guess I would say get a photo to follow and just make sure the line the grey meets the brown isn't too straight. It should look fairly natural. Oh, and thin your paints if you aren't doing that already.