Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cryx vs. Cygnar - goodbye Field Test

So I managed to get a game in with David, a newly recruited player, on Sunday afternoon. Little did we know that this would be the last game that we would play with the Field Test rules. So here are our lists:
David (Cygnar)
Sword Knights (6)

Me - Irontwitch (Cryx)
Mcthralls (10)
Necrosurgeon UA
Gorman di Wulfe

Turn 1: (Cryx)
Run everything up, taking care to keep Gaspy out of LOS. The Cankerworm, Deathripper, and McThralls headed for his Sword Knights, while the Seether went up the right flank. Gaspy, the Skarlock, and a deathripper took up the middle, with Gorman laying down cover. The cankerworm took advantage of his extra move to get closer to those tasty sword knights.

Turn 1: Cygnar
Full advance with all units. The Sword Knights and GMCA advancing towards the cankerworm, while the Ironclad and ATGM advanced toward the Seether. The Lancer was in a somewhat middling position, not yet commited to either flank, but not in range of anything in the middle either.

Turn 2: Cryx
The ripper with the mcthralls runs up and nodes a Breath of Corruption onto the Sword Knights, killing 2. The cankerworm then charges and eats up 3 more, leaving one Sword Knight to mourn his brethren. The canker then uses his extra move to get into B2B with the GMCA to try and force some freestrikes. The Seether moves slightly forward, as do Gaspy and the deathripper with him. The skarlock shifts flanks and heads towards the Mcthralls, giving them Scything Touch.

Turn 2: Cygnar
GMCA advances and shoots the seether with the shot that pushes d3". They hit him and knocks him back 3", but no crit KD. Ironclad advances 4" to stay out of the seether's charge range. The Lancer moves to get LOS on the McThralls and the Necrosurgeon. Stryker arcs 2 3" AOE spells, the first taking out 3 McThralls, opening up LOS to the Necrosurgeon. The next one directly hits the necrosurgeon, who pawns it off to a stitch thrall. One Stitch thrall died that turn, in addition to killing off two more McThralls. The GMCA somehow makes it out alive, but I can't remember how. He runs off to go hide with Stryker and the Lone Sword Knight.

Turn 3: Cryx
The necrosurgeon pops out 5 McThralls, and they advance in front of the cankerworm. The canker moves forward a little as well. Gaspy's Deathripper moves up towards the GMCA to be in range for a little parasitic action. Then Gaspy moves forward, arcs parasite onto the GMCA, and pops his feat...killing the whole unit and replenishing his focus for another Breath of Corruption to try and block LOS and maybe do some damage. Then he teleports back out of harms way.

Turn 3: Cygnar
Once again, Stryker arced an AOE onto the Mcthralls, this time killing off the surgeon, leaving only 6 McThralls behind. The lancer then activates and charges the Mcthralls, killing all but two. The Lone Sword Knight also helped with that. Stryker and the Charger kept backing up as well to avoid getting charged. The Ironclad charged the deathripper this turn too I think.

Turn 4: Cryx
Between the McThralls and Cankerworm, the Sword knight and Lancer were both destroyed. The Seether charged the Ironclad as well, dealing quite a bit of damage, but not boxing him.
Not much else happened as David conceded soon after this point, but I gave him a few hopefully helpful tips about choosing targets when you deploy your forces and trying to get the charge rather than being charged.

Anyways, something else to note is the cool new terrain pieces that I made. I'm actually quite happy with them considering that the total time spent on them is about 90 minutes, not counting drying time. The idea was taken from some modular terrain pieces that Yeti's Yell posted about on the terrain building portion of the PPforums.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Productive Saturday

While I should have been at school getting ready for my Orals Examination coming up, I just couldn't focus yesterday morning. The day was not lost though. Once I got back home, I managed to get lots of productive things done. The first of which was finishing the 2nd of my Mcthrall units. I still need to finish the Necrosurgeon as well, but the stitch thralls are done at least.
The only bonus to my going in to the lab on Saturday was walking through the parking lot and noticing all these woodchips... At this point I remembered reading a post on the PPforums about making rocks and modular terrain pieces using original Gorilla Glue and woodchips. So I figured I'd try my hand at it.
The basic idea is that Gorilla (GG)foams up when in contact with water. First, lay down a sheet of wax paper and spread some water on top of it. Then I just start pouring on the GG until it was about the size of the terrain piece that I wanted. The next step is adding in the wood chips (some of which I cut first, some I didn't) in whatever way you think looks good. Some I did standing up, some lying down, etc. Then it's just a matter of sealing the wood with some elmer's glue, putting on some dirt/sand, prime & paint. Only one of them is painted atm. Hopefully I'll have the time to paint them up in better colors.